CTP's Board of Directors 2019

Jason Brill,President
McCayla Quinn, Vice President
Eric Foster,Treasurer
Peggy Orman,Secretary

Matt Sorensen,Past President

Members at Large:

Betsy Baxter, Nikki Olsen

The Chester B. McKirihan Memorial Scholarship

To give the organization focus, CTP dedicates their efforts to sponsoring a scholarship, awarded annually to an area high school graduate pursuing and education in the Arts.  This scholarship is given in memory of Chester B. McKirahan, one of the Lake Placid High School’s most beloved teachers.  Since the inception of this scholarship, CTP has awarded nearly $45,000.00 to area students.

Chester B.  McKirahan– the Man
Quiet and unassuming, devoted to his profession. Those are 
three charges that could be leveled at Chester B.  McKirahan, 
with not one word of dissent from those whose lives were touched by him.  Thirty three years of students were wrapped up in 
the passing of his talents to the students of Lake Placid and Tupper Lake ,and briefly to a small college in Ohio where
 he taught drama and speech.

Prof, as he was lovingly named by all students who came in contact with him, began his life in New York City.  He undertook all his extracurricular upper graduate education in Ohio, attending Muskingum College Western Reserve University for
 his Master’s work, and then attended the Cleveland Playhouse 
for an additional two years delving into Speech and Drama.
After a brief stint teaching in Ohio, he moved to Tupper Lake in 1943, where he worked in his specialty for three years.  In 1946, Prof began a 27 year commitment to the students at Lake Placid High School which ended with his untimely death in 1973.
If one can sum up a particular aspect of an individuals life, the class of LPHS 1967, on a permanent plaque dedicated in the memory of Chester B. McKirahan had the following quotation emblazoned: “It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy 
in creative expression and knowledge.”   Einstein said these words, and had he known Prof, he too would have dedicated
 those words to him.


1973:Marilyn Wilson- Lake Placid
1974:Evelyn Eighmey- Saranac Lake
1975:Denise Dukette- Saranac Lake
1976:Matthew McCabe- Elizabethtown
1977: Keith Gilliespie- Elizabethtown
1978: Lisa Whalley- Lake Placid
1979: Rebecca Morgan- Saranac Lake
1980: Jeffrey Hallberg- Saranac Lake
1981: Alan Breck Macnab- Lake Placid
1982: Kent Warner- Saranac Lake
1983: Tim Chien- Lake Placid
1984: Allison Moore- Saranac Lake
1985: Leslie Macnab- Lake Placid
1986: Eric DeForest- Tupper Lake
1988: Chris Lampart- Saranac Lake
1989: Gina Renfro- Saranac Lake
1990: Larisa Montanaro- AuSable Valley
1991: Keith M. Pray- AuSable Valley Central
1992: Peter Dean- Saranac Lake
1993: Lucas Clark- Saranac Lake
1994: Antoinette Herkald- AuSable Valley
1995: Sarah Bodah- Saranac Lake
1996: Matthew J. Russell- AuSable Valley
1997: Brianna Knapton- Saranac Lake
1998: Erika Sorgule- Saranac Lake
1999: Michael Yaniro- Keene
2000: Elizabeth Dietrich- Lake Placid
2001: Kyle Ford- Saranac Lake
2002: Christal Boutté- Keene 
2003: Toby Couture- Saranac Lake 
2004: Christina Sciarrion- Malone 
2005: Lizbeth Allen- Lake Placid 
2006: Caroline Couture-Saranac Lake
2007: Andrea Hickey- Keene Valley 
2008: Jeff Tower- Elizabeth Town
2009: Michael Bullard- Saranac Lake
2010: Danielle Eble- Saranac Lake
2011: Maxwell VanWie- Keene Valley
2012: Joey Izzo- Lake Placid
2013: Lucky Cerruti- Lake Placid & Jessica Kemp- Saranac Lake
2014: Ian Gillis- Tupper Lake
2015:  not awarded
2016: Elodie Linck
2017: Annachristi Cordes
2018: Nik Dahlen
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